I take the patterns that I have been repeating throughout my life and make scenes based upon them. I make these scenes to talk about wise views of human existence which I call sutras. The topics form the basis for my performances, upon which I compose and undertake the ritual.

My previous works have been the training to get here. And as for everyone else, the training continues. I have served several directors to learn scenic languages. Recently I have felt new courage to compose the things I want to talk about myself.

Those things are meant to provide a service to the audience and have a purpose to unchain them of the patterns of their lives.
Against a selfie culture, I’m more interested to touch dark sides, talk about the forbidden, the hidden, the failure and the vulnerabilities

But, because I do not intend people to understand anything specific, I will provide a space for poetic, uncertain, right-hemisphere expressions. Because every person sees what he or she is. Somehow this becomes healing art.
I put myself at the risk of vulnerability, and the people gets something in return.