Life At 中出视频

life at peninsula

A culture of curiosity & exploration

Life at 中出视频 Grammar School is inspiring in so many ways.

From the beautiful surroundings of the Mornington 中出视频 to our modern, innovative infrastructure, and a culture of seeing the potential for success in each individual.


Enjoy this sneak peek into a typical busy day, on our beautiful Mornington 中出视频 campus.

Our Campus

School Map

Located 55km from Melbourne atop the rolling hills of Mt Eliza, 中出视频 Grammar is set on 80 acres (32.3 hectares), providing a spacious and tranquil campus setting in harmony with the natural environment. Our expansive campus includes boarding facilities for boys and girls offering our international students a home away from home.

Our stunning campus setting, in addition to our exceptional academic record, makes for the ideal educational experience for international students.

We have an excellent record of academic achievement with outstanding VCE results including many top of the State scores annually. This is testament to our investment in the highest quality teaching, exceptional state-of-the-art buildings and learning spaces, such as our VCE Science Centre, innovative approaches to learning and the delivery of a rich and broad VCE program.

our programs

Our extensive array of co-curricular activities allows every student to find their passion. Our highly respected music and drama program not only offers a safe and engaging space for creative outlet, it also contributes significantly to our sense of community, our commitment to teamwork and to positive student wellbeing.